Hi again everyone I hope you have all been doing well and supporting the GOT7 boys as much as possible.

So this week my copy of just right has arrived and I was very happy to get my copy after the wait for it to be shipped to me. As I opened the album up I was scared as I was not sure of which member photo card I would be getting in the album, so as I got to it I opened up the photo book with the photo card in and squealed as I after many months of waiting I finally got a Jackson photo card!!! this made me overly happy as I never really get Jackson’s photo cards on a first album purchase so I feel extra lucky to be able to finally have his photo card, I also got Juniors larger card in the album too which also made me super happy too, below is a picture of my copy of the CD with the cards too.


I am also planning to collect all GOT7 photo cards from all of their Korean and Japanese releases which I will be keeping you all updated on too as I grow my collection bigger by the release and any kind of promotions.

KCON is this weekend and sadly as I live in England i cannot be there to see GOT7 =( I will see them one day I know I will I just have this silly tendency of getting bad cases of jealousy when they go to other countries but not the UK. I hope to get a passport one day so I can go and see GOT7 anywhere in the world. I would love to travel so to do it for them would be a awesome adventure.

I hope you all have a amazing weekend I will write again soon, take care xo xo xo