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hi everyone today has not been the easiest day for me I emotionally struggled and I have shed a fair few tears too today. 

When you are in recovery from any kind of mental illness or disorder you will have good days and you will have bad days and I have been doing what I can to take care of myself today, I strongly believe in self care when you are in recovery because it helps you out on those days when things get really difficult. Some good examples of self care are.
– Take your meds : If you are on medication then you need to take it, it was given to you to help you with what it is that you are recovering from. 

– Get pleanty of rest : we all need around 7-8 hours of sleep and if you  aren’t getting that and still feel tired take some naps during the day.

– Fuel your body : drink lots of water and try to eat some lean protien, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. 

– Move : jump on a trampoline, walk, run, hike and even if you just get out of bed and walk to your kitchen to get something to eat get your body moving.

– Be Still : take about 30 minutes of your day to just breathe; learn to meditate, keep quiet, centre yourself or anything else which is still and quiet can really help.

– Speak up : not the easiest thing to do but please if you are feeling like you need any form of help please do talk to a friend, family member, teacher or anyone that you trust speak to someone. 

– Have fun : Try and do something everyday if you possibly can having something to do can really lift your mood. 

– Celebrate accomplishments : big or small if you reach a goal or do something that you haven’t been able to do before celebrate it, it does not matter what the you do, do something to treat yourself for what you achieved that day.

And that concludes todays post I am doing better now and am currently sat here watching Markiplier on youtube.

I’ll see you all again in the next post.