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So the past few days have been part good and part bad in places, you might not see it as that bad but it was to me.

So the first good part was when I won a couple of ebay auctions on some much needed got7 photo cards, 2 of them being Jackson cards – some of his cards are extremely difficult to find at a reasonable price as it is so that I managed to win not one but two made me feel pretty good at that point.

Now onto the not so good on Sunday the Victoria and Albert Museum had a mini event for chuseok where there would be some kpop dance workshops at 3 times during the day. So I went along intending to try and take part in the 2pm (no pun intended.) workshop. But when it got to 2pm itself I gelt a anxiety episode coming so I just sat at the back calming myself down while I watched everyone else take part, I was so mad at myself for not being able to do it due to my anxiety screwing me over yet again. I know the fact that I was even able to leave the house to go down to the event was a big thing for me in itself I just wish I had been able to at least try and dance. I might be pushing myself too much right now to try and do things that “scare me.” And I should probably should just not rush into things like that again in future.

And finally I have had another piece of good happen to me. My Mwave meet and greet cd’s arrived, if you don’t know I was honoured to be picked by Junior via the random button so one of my CD’s is signed by GOT7. 

I will be honest here now I was close to tears when I saw their signautes, I know that is really sad to some people but to me it does mean a lot to me to have their autographs. I also opened the package on my youtube channel (link to that below.)

So that was my last few days a 50/50 mix of things. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will write again soon.