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Hi all I hope you are doing well. 

I had this dream last night, and I woke up a very happy igot7 indeed after it happened. So in my dream I met Jackson (not sure where the rest of got7 was.) but it was just me and him. We talked about a couple of things and then I got a hug from him and as he hugged me I said the following.
“I just want to thank you because you and your members have helped me to stop self harming and I love you all so much.” 
And then he squeezed me a little, not too much more like in a comforting kind of way. And he said he was proud of me and that I should Stay strong and never give up because got7 will always be there for me even if we are so far away from each other.
And after that I woke up, I hope that dream becomes somewhat real in a way just so I can tell them.
I just wanted to briefly share that with you all because it made me so happy.