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I am going to be holding my very own fan project for the 2nd GOT7 anniversary in 2016 this will be in 2 parts a donation to a mental health charity and a gift for the boys also.

For the Donation part of the Fan project I have decided to make a donation to the UK mental health charity Mind


Mind are a UK based mental health charity that Provide advice and support to to empower anyone that is going through a mental health problem. Mind Campaigns to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding surrounding mental health. They Promise not to give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets the support and respect that they deserve.

for more information on Mind and what they do please visit the website to see what they do and what you can do to help support the charity. http://www.mind.org.uk/

for the gift part of the project I am taking votes on what I should get GOT7 on my twitter page and the 4 options are

  • a rice wreath
  • a cake
  • UK Candy + Snacks
  • A star

if you would like to make a vote on what I should send as the gift from myself to GOT7 please do vote on my twitter below.

I hope that through this we can raise more awareness to mental health and send a precious gift from GOT7 that will make a real impact of the world.